Learn How To Shoot Like Jayson Tatum

Former Duke star Jayson Tatum is known for his athleticism and incredible shooting ability. In his freshman year, Tatum shot an impressive 34.2% from downtown and 84.9% from the free throw line. This article will break down his game and show you how to shoot like Jayson Tatum.

How To Shoot Like Jayson Tatum

Before I dive into Tatum’s form, take a look at his jump shot. What stands out to you?

Square Up To The Basket

If you want to learn how to shoot like Jayson Tatum, the first thing you need to do is square yourself up to the basket. Squaring up allows Tatum to get balanced and set his feet so he can jump right into his natural shooting motion.

Squaring up isn’t just important for the release of the shot. Take a look at where Jayson Tatum lands after he takes the shot — right in the same place! Squaring up to the basketball allows Tatum to jump straight up and down, maintaining his balance. If he had faded away, the shot would have been more difficult to make.

Elbow Tucked In With Follow-Through

Notice that when Jayson Tatum pulls up, he keeps his elbow tucked in tight. This helps him line the ball up with the basket and shoot under control.

After releasing the basketball, Tatum follows through with his shot. You can see that his elbow ends up by the side of his head — perfect shooting form. His shot arcs high over the oncoming defender, giving it a better chance of going in than if he had taken a low-arching, line drive shot.

High Release Point

Standing a tall 6’8″, Jayson Tatum takes full advantage of his size when shooting. Tatum’s high release point allows him to shoot over the oncoming defender, who is making a last-ditch effort to close out.

Jayson Tatum 2016-2017 Stats

Get Out There And Start Shooting!

Now you know exactly how to shoot like Jayson Tatum! However, just knowing isn’t enough. Remember — practice makes perfect, so get out and start working on your form. Before you do, don’t forget to give this article a like and share it on social media!